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Investis Ltd Is Recruiting Freelance Content Builders

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Kevin Stevens

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Investis are the leading specialists in providing online corporate communications services to Europe’s public companies. We designed and built more corporate websites for European quoted companies in 2007 than any other agency. Investis ranked number 7 in the Design and Build category of the New Media Age 2007 Top 100 Ranking.

Due to our continued growth and expansion we are currently looking for freelance content builders to bolster the Production Team.

From day one, you will be involved in a fast moving and creative environment. Working alongside an award winning team of industry specialists, project managers, website designers and developers from across Europe where everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in achieving business success.

Job outline:

As part of the Web Production team, you will assist with corporate website building using a CMS. You will be responsible for prioritising and keeping track of updates, and making sure these are being done within tight deadlines and according to clients’ expectations, and reporting back to the project / client website managers when necessary.

Candidate profile:

You are very comfortable using Dreamweaver and Fireworks and have a good basic knowledge of XHTML and CSS. You must be computer literate with excellent knowledge of MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook) and any experience updating websites using a CMS would be an advantage.

You will need to be fast and accurate to produce work of the highest standard in a pressured environment. You will be a team player with good people skills, a strong administrator, and a flexible highly motivated self-starter with good attention to detail. Experience in processing work orders is required.

Excellent English skills are a must and your communication skills, both verbal and written should be exemplary. You will need to demonstrate that you are confident liaising with project/client website managers within the company.

We have a highly service-oriented culture, where people go the extra mile. Our team has emerged as the clear leader in its field.

At Investis we operate an equal opportunities policy in all aspects of recruitment and employment regardless of sex, marital status, religion, race, colour, ethnic origin or disability.

Location: London E1.

To apply, please send your CV to

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