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Junior Technical Director For Web Development Firm

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Zuzana Vrabelova

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Junior Technical Director for Web Development Firm

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thruSITES is a web design and development firm, with two offices in the United Kingdom. We have a talented team of over 10 employees, partners and specialists. We pride ourselves on taking ideas and bringing them to life, whilst delivering exceptional commercial value for our clients. We work with some large multinationals, directly and via top media agencies, but we also love serving smaller clients. Additionally, we are working for a number of internet start-ups, building cutting–edge web applications...

Take a look at our website to see our portfolio:

Candidate will work as a web developer within a young, fun and hard hard-working team. The job involves working on a portfolio of IT projects, undertaking highly-technical LAMP-based programming/coding and planning work in various projects, working in consultation with clients and partner businesses.

• Full-time (interns also welcome), starting ASAP

• Based at home or our London office (Aldgate). Occasional travelling to client premises

• Approximately 40 hours per week

• Competitive salary, range based on experience and skills

• 20 days paid leave per annum

Candidate must be able to:

• Be competent in a range of web technologies/languages

• Problem-solve their way out of Alcatraz

• Be constantly willing to learn new skills

• Meet deadlines

• Deal with demanding clients

• Work very quickly

To apply for this position, please respond with the following information:

• CV showing a comprehensive list of skills

• Example of any previous or ongoing work

We may ask the candidate to do a small task, which will test their skills and see how efficiently and effectively they are able to work.

Please contact Charles:

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