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Evoltageddon 2

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Bob Davis

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Put it in your Palm® and alert your next of kin. Following the astounding success of Evoltageddon 1 (evolticon, beervolt, whatever you want to call it - hey, I'm easy), plans have been made for yet another get-together of epic proportions.

TheDate: Saturday, March 10, 2001

TheTime: There will be folks there as early as 5pm

TheCity: Austin, TX, US of A

ThePlace: The Ginger Man

The details: The Ginger Man is located at 304 West Fourth Street in Austin, TX. If you need to call for directions or anything, their number is 512-473-8801. More information about the Ginger Man can be found on their web site.

It's a social gathering, and all are invited. Come meet some of the administrators and ply them with alcohol to get the inside scoop on what we've got planned for Find out what the modern, well-dressed web god(des) is wearing on his/her back (or skin...). Hang out, tell stories, attach faces to names, and make new friends.

If you have any questions or comments, there's some healthy discussion on TheChat about what we're up to.

If you're going to be coming, drop a line in the comment section below so we have a rough idea of how many and who to expect. How will you recognize the evolt crew? Good question! We'll be the ones with the distinct dark t-shirts that only a web developer could love. Hope to see you there!

Bob is a Product Manager for Rackspace Hosting in San Antonio, TX. He hasn't built a web site in years, now. All of his articles on this site are old old old! Hopefully they are still useful for someone!

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