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Senior Interactive Developer

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Erich Koller

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User since: 09 Feb 2009

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Talented, experienced, dedicated Interactive Developer needed to join Kovikom Interactive GmbH*, Goldach, Switzerland. Candidate will develop and manage websites, widgets, applications, onlineadvertising, rich media campaigns, database-driven sites and all other new media oriented projects.

*Kovikom Interactive is a Department of Kovikom Werbeagetur AG.

Requirements and Attributes:

  • Language Proficiency in: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  • A strong online portfolio
  • Experience in projects for World Wide Companies
  • Extensive knowledge of Actionscript, ASP, PHP, Javascript
  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML
  • Databases: SQL, MySQL
  • Solid user interface design and usability experience
  • Extensive knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash
  • Proficiency in Audio/Sound software
  • In depth knowledge of current web-design trends, techniques
  • Excellent communication skills with a flexible attitude, good

    presentation skills, team work
  • Minimum 6–8 years experience in a similar agency environment

What we offer:

Cool agency environment with ultimate technology resources, friendly

team mates. Flexible benefits and salary regarding experience and

results. All support with Visa and work documents.

Curriculum and portfolio links please send per email to: Erich Koller,, with the subject Interactive Developer

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