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Asp Net C And Php Developer Melbourne

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Nikita Adnani

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Design Junction are a Melbourne based website design company, our offices are located in the Docklands, Melbourne. Our web design firm specialise in custom website design, website development and Internet Marketing.

We are seeking a ASP.NET/C# and PHP developer for a Web Development and Application Support role.

Skills & Experience

The ideal web developer will have the following skillset:-

3+ years of commercial experience in web application development.

Experience in and Intermediate/Advanced level of knowledge in the following technologies is essential:-

- PHP5, Javascript, AJAX, JQUERY HTML/CSS, SQL, SOAP, XML, Web standards

- ASP.NET/C# (ASP.NET MVC Framework)

- Object Oriented Programming

- MVC and N-Tier Architecture

- MSSQL Server and MYSQL, StoredProcedure, LINQ

Experience in integrating CMS, eCommerce Systems and Custom Web Application Development

Good Work Ethic and Positive Professional Attitude

Good Communication Skills

Salary based on experience and skills.

To apply for the above web developer job, pls forward your resume, small sample code (PHP or ASP.NET), your rate and availability to

Nikita Adnani is the Director of a leading Internet Marketing, eCommerce, Web Design & Development services company. She has about 15 years of experience in the field of Web Design, Visual Communication, Web Development and Search Engine Marketing Services. She has spent the last 9 years of her career devoted solely in pursuing Search Engine Marketing and Web Development strategies to help businesses improve their profit © Copyright 2009,

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