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Web Developer Php Mysql Magento

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Paul Younghusband

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User since: 21 Feb 2010

Articles written: 1

Salary: £20-£25k

Location: London (E2)

Limesharp is a young and dynamic web company with a forward-thinking approach to work. We specialise in building Magento ecommerce websites, have a strong client base and are growing quickly. We're a small, close team with an excellent customer service ethic. Just because we're in the technology business it doesn't mean that we don't know how to connect with people. Oh, and we're also Apple geeks and Starbucks addicts... it's a happy combo.

We are currently looking for a full time web developer to work out of our super-cool London office. You will be responsible for taking XHTML/CSS produced by designers and integrating it with the Magento template engine. You will also be responsible for creating custom modules and extensions for Magento. This may include anything from small development tasks such as creating a random banner graphic, to larger tasks such as 3rd party integration with EPOS/accounting/back-office systems.

You will speak to clients on a regular basis and be ready and willing to go out of your way to help with any issues, problems, or questions they may have. You will have a common sense approach to work and be able to provide advice and guidance to colleagues on the best way to implement certain features from a development standpoint. You should be open to learning and take a flexible approach to work – being a small company the lines our respective job descriptions can blur at times, and you may be expected to lend a hand in other areas.

1 - 2 years commercial experience is preferable, and you should have some experience in working with ecommerce websites.

You will definitely need:

  • To be a PHP/MySQL genius
  • Experience with Javascript/AJAX
  • An understanding of XHTML/CSS
  • Experience working with ecommerce websites
  • Experience working with Linux servers
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A professional attitude to work

It would give you an edge if you had:

  • Experience working with Magento
  • An understanding of usability and building sites to W3C guidelines
  • Experience of Flash/Actionscript

What we can offer:

  • A modern, relaxed office environment surrounded by lots of creative types
  • Competitive pay and holiday package
  • Generous commission on any new clients you bring to the business

To apply - send your CV to For more information on Limesharp visit

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