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Sr Php Developer Position Full Time Based In Croydon London Only Uk Based Candidates

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Sr PHP/Zend developer full-time position- Croydon (candidates based in UK only)

We are looking for PHP developer for one of our client based in Croydon London.

Our client is a leading Web Based Marketing and Advertising Company, operating globally with their Head Office in Croydon, London. They work in close partnership with international brands to deliver substantial sales volumes for them.

Location: Croydon CR9 2ER

The major responsibilities of the Senior PHP Developer will be:

• Working with a team of Web developers to design, develop, and debug Web applications

• contributing to future framework development, educating and mentoring the Web development team

• Using creativity to innovate new products (APIs, wizards, tools, controls) to enhance Web user experience

• Keeping up with new Internet standards and Web technologies

Interested candidate can contact me directly by sending a copy of resume to

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