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4 Month Contract Opportunity In Geneva Php Developer

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Sara Moss

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User since: 21 Jul 2010

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PHP Developer needed in Geneva

I am searching for an experienced PHP developer to join a project team in Geneva, Switzerland. This is to start as soon as possible and would be a four-month contract. There is the possibility for it to become a permanent position or extended contract.

This is for a young company producing a web application, for which the development should be completed by September and deployment by October.

The PHP framework being used has been custom developed for the project. They are using MySQL and RabbitMQ and extensively using jQuery for their "Web2.0 needs". They integrate with XML-RPC and REST APIs.

If you or someone you know has the necessary experience and interest for this opportunity, please contact me for further details. Thanks!

Cheers, Sara

Mobil: +41 79 366 08 31

VoIP: +41 44 586 32 59

Originally from USA: Pgh; I have a BS in Applied Math from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU); have lived over 20 years in Switzerland; I worked four years as system admin at Sun Microsystems in the 1990s. Now Managing Partner at Pleinert & Partner where I manage the IT recruitment area; I love to swim, run, bike, garden, read...

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