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Lamp Systems Architect Nyc 125k Base

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David Romero

Member info

User since: 20 Oct 2010

Articles written: 3

Systems Architect

Location: New York, NY

Reports to: VP, Engineering

Salary: $125K + Bonus + Benefits

Fulltime W2

Our client is an exciting company in the digital media space. They produce an advertising platform to allow their clients to leverage social media and consumer interaction. They are growing rapidly and looking for a systems Architect in New York City.

Required Skills

-Expert in the full LAMP stack.

-Heavy OOP background with a primary language of any of the above (PHP, Python, Ruby, Java)

-Source Code Version Control (Git, SVN)

-Design Patterns including MVC.

-MVC web frameworks.


-Attention to detail from a code standard perspective.

-Experience with release process patterns (Agile and Waterfall).

-Strong knowledge of HTML/Javascript (JQuery).


-REST/SOAP API structures

If interested, please send resumes to

Accomplished executive level recruiter with 10 plus years of experience in recruiting for IT, banking, accounting, finance,

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