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Director Of Technology 150k Base Nyc

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David Romero

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User since: 20 Oct 2010

Articles written: 3

Base- 150k - Full time Perm

Location: NYC

Director of Technology

Reports to the CEO , COO


Responsible for defining, directing, delivering and leading the company’s technology development, operations and solutions. This senior leader will also be responsible for the delivery of new projects and enhancements for the company’s client base

Experience leading teams

Manage multiple individual teams of developers and meet with each team

leader on a weekly basis.

Collaborate with senior business managers on technology, process and solutions to support strategic initiatives.

Work within a high performance distributed architecture

Lead platform development in a LAMP (Python) environment.

Act as release manager for all internal builds.

Establish release processes and code standards among individual teams.

Necessary Skills

Expert knowledge of the full LAMP stack.

Expert OOP background with a primary language of any of the above (RoR, Python, Java)

Source Code Version Control (Git, SVN)

Expert knowledge of Design Patterns including MVC.

Expert knowledge of MVC web frameworks.

Expert knowledge of RDMBS.

Working knowledge of HTML/Javascript (JQuery).


Accomplished executive level recruiter with 10 plus years of experience in recruiting for IT, banking, accounting, finance,

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