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A Toast To The Evolt Org Community

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Happy birthday evolt.

and thank you.

A friend of mine introduced me to the evolt list after watching the MJ threads, it didn't take long before I was hooked. Hey- people were actually answering questions! People were collaborating! Sharing ideas and information about the things they knew about and not looking for anything in return! Sounds a bit silly, but in a web world that was quickly getting run over by business plans, ROI models and 'effeciency experts' who think of cheaper ways to pump ad clicks, evolt was a nice throwback to the days when it was fun to hang out an chew the fat with folks in your industry. No grandstanding, pompus cometitive feather fluffing, just the essence of community.

Funny how things work out. What I like best is that things haven't changed much over the year- sure- we have a few more ways for people to share info (and alot more people!), but its still all about people sharing their experiences... for the good of... sharing experiences.

Nobody makes a buck on evolt, in fact, there are a few folks who are losing money with evolt- by providing a serivce that could otherwise be charged for. Its such wonderful irony in the face of the gazillion people who are trying to make a small fortune off of

So here's to you evolt, to the community, to the supporters, and to the people who spend an hour (sometimes more) answering the questions of people they have never met or spoken to in person. You make the internet a better place to work.


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