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Mysql Database Admin Viralimpressions Inc

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Sansarg Chap

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Viralimpressions, Inc. [] is looking for a MySQL Database Administrator. The database administrator is responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and repair of Viralimpressions 's database. The role includes the development and design of database strategies, monitoring and improving database performance and capacity, and planning for future expansion requirements. Please send an email to admin [at] outlining your experience and attaching your resume.


- Optimize MySQL database performance

- Develop and support MySQL database replication

- Estimate MySQL database capacities

- Develop methods for monitoring database capacity and usage

- Establish mechanisms for data backup/restore of relational databases

- Provide restoration services as needed

- Develop and optimize physical design of MySQL database systems

- Develop application-specific fault-tolerant distributed database mechanisms

Required Skills:

• Demonstrated experience with relational database design

• Demonstrated experience with relational database performance tuning and capacity planning especially on MySQL based environments

• Strong systems administration and automation skills

• BS/MS in Computer Science or related technical discipline.

• 3+ years MySQL in a highly scalable website (using stored procedures, optimization, and complex queries)

• 1+ years PHP coding in a high traffic website

• Knowledge of MVC design patterns

• Be willing and able to learn on the job

About Viralimpressions:

Social Media Marketing company Viralimpressions, Inc. is a Social Media Marketing company, a fast growing startup located in Cupertino, CA. Viralimpressions is technology provider to global brands, advertising agencies and small businesses. Our deceptively easy-to-use tools are built using leading edge technologies on our robust and scalable Social Media Marketing Platform. We help marketers run effective campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

CIO at Viralimpressions, Inc.

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