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Joker Com Gets Even Cheaper

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Matt Haughey

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Ever since I heard about's cheap domain registration, I've registered my domains there. They've all gone smoothly, and registrations are complete in just a couple hours. In addition to their cheap rates, their system is entirely web-based. I can go in and change my contact information, my nameserver IP address, or any of the zone contacts all inside a web browser. No more quirky email forms like Network Solutions insists on using, they're doing it right.

Their main selling point has been their cheap rates. They debuted with $20/yr. registrations, and due to currency exchanges, I've found their actual rates to be anywhere from $19-22 a year. But is going to go even cheaper.

I received an email today from saying that starting January 16, 2000, their two year rates will fall from 70 DM (currently about $36, or $18/yr.)to 60 DM, which will be bring the cost of domain registration to about $15 USD per year. Also, they will be offering domain registrations that are effective from 1 year to 10 years! Imagine, no more annoying renewal notices every 2 years, you could own a domain until 2010. is doing everything right, things that Network Solutions could do if they took customer service and customer satisfaction seriously. I've yet to find a problem that I can't fix myself through their web-based admin system, and I'm going to continue registering domains with them.

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