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Metacreations Dumping Graphics Software Line

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Marlene Bruce

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According to a recent MetaCreations

press release, the company plans to divest itself of its 2D and 3D graphics

software, in order to pursue its e-commerce technology, "MetaStream."

This is woeful news to many of us who have used some of the software MetaCreations

has both created and acquired, such as KPT, Bryce, Painter, Ray Dream Studio,

Poser, Infini-D, etc. There is no mention of what will become of the product


Apparently, MetaCreations "no longer sees the professional graphics business

as offering growth as compared to its e-commerce visualization opportunities."

Read the press


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Marlene began exploring computer-generated graphics with a purchase of the first Mac 128K in 1984. She's subsequently been involved in print design, illustration, and since 1995, professional web design and development. Her other skills are information architecture, usability testing and site management (the largest at 14,000+ pages). Additionally, she's taught seminars, has been published on A List Apart, and contributed to and reviewed a chapter on which appears in Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Designing Large Scale Web Sites.

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