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Surfer Beware Iii Privacy Policies Without Privacy

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Wolfgang Bromberger

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In this survey the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) reviewed the privacy practices of the 100 most popular shopping websites on the Internet.

They found that 18 of the top shopping sites did not display a privacy policy, 35 of the sites have profile-based advertisers operating on their pages, and 86 of the e-commerce operations use cookies.

Not one of the companies adequately addressed all the elements of Fair Information Practices. In general they also found that the privacy policies available at many websites are typically confusing, incomplete, and inconsistent. Conclusion: The current practices of the online industry provide little meaningful privacy protection for consumers.

More of the survey by Epic.

Wolfgang .wolf Bromberger has been around online since 1996. He started to get into web design after he and some other students developed a concept for the online presence of their home town, Salzburg in Austria, a site Bill Gates used years later as a good example of e-government (as still not nearly all points of the concept have been made reality, .wolf disagrees).
Being interested in search engines and information systems, .wolf specialized in search engine optimization, online promotion and analysis.
.wolf was one of the founding fathers of
He is working for and can also be reached there.
He is always interested in learning new programming or other web related skills, when time permits.

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