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Macster Mac Port Of Napster Beta Out

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Matt Haughey

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Over the past weekend, a MacOS port of Napster was released. If you don't know what Napster is, see a previous article on it, which described the second windows beta (they're now up to the fourth beta release for windows). As reported on slashdot about a month ago, there is a Napster client for Linux as well.

Given the now cross-platform nature of Napster, you really should try it out. You'll find the mp3s by every band you like, including the most obscure mp3s on the planet, stuff you can't get anywhere else. Every mp3 owned by napster users can be easily shared, and this is scaring the pants of the music industry. Ever since I started using Napster, I've added hundreds of songs to my daily playlist, which is making work a much more enjoyable place. Personally, I can't live without Napster.

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