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A Late Present For All Us Web Developers

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Theodore Serbinski

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Q. What's the one thing that a lot of web developers would like to add to their sites, but tend to hold back because of bandwith limitations for many users?

A. Graphics.

Sure, not all graphics are good. But some graphics are great, and if used properly, can create a very aesthetic site that is very appealing and attractive to the users. The result: more people flock to your site, which is good news for you.

But with todays limitations on bandwith, many web developers tend to be conservative with using graphics.

Well, all of this is about to change.

Why? The new JPEG2000 wavelet compression spec was approved. This means good news for all of us. This specs shows a 3MB pic compressed to 19KB, with virtually no signs of compression. The article also talks more about the spec, including uses of compressed animation and jpegs.

Impressive, I say. So, what will your web sites look like when this goes public?

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