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Sxsw Web Competition Deadline Near

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Matt Haughey

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The South By Southwest (SXSW) music/film/interactive festival is accepting entries for various categories in their Web Competition. Their site describes the criteria for each award and shows past winners and good examples. They allow you to apply online, and the entry fee isn't that expensive ($15 for individuals, $25 for businesses) when compared to art magazine competitions (which often carry entry fees of $100 or more). The deadline is next Monday, Jan. 10th, and the awards will be presented in Austin, TX during the fest, on March 11th.

Personally, I think should enter in the Best Online Community category. The website and the discussion list have helped numerous people out, all over the world, and given the short time evolt has been around, I think we've has accomplished a lot. What do you think?

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