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Coldfusion Polling Application

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Bob Davis

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This application is a way to include a poll or "question of the day" in your web site if you have the ColdFusion application server installed. It's pretty straightforward, and should be easy to include in your site.

I've tried to make the files as cross platform as possible - unix style line feeds (

), .dbf database tables, and all collected in a tar file (WinZip on Windows should open it, and StuffitExpander will work fine on a Mac). I made it on a Mac, and the site I made it for lives on a Sun server - ColdFusion isn't just for NT any more, Baby!

As they say, just add spice to taste, and serve. It's ready to go, but you should probably make it look like something interesting (and add question and answer choices!). Obviously, you will have to set up the DSN and such, but other than that, it's good to go.

All of the information you should need to know about how it works and what the queries do is in the comments. Hopefully, I've put enough there to make it clear enough that someone with little or no experience with ColdFusion should be able to make it work. If there are any questions, improvements, comments, etc., put them here where we can all learn. It's a community effort, remember!

If you do anything cool with this, let me know! I hope it helps out.

Download the CF Polling Application from

The files included are as follows:

The Public Files

"Take the Poll":


CREATED: 13-Dec-99, 12:19 PM

MODIFIED: 13-Dec-99, 7:19 PM

SIZE: 2772

"Thanks for taking the poll!":


CREATED: 13-Dec-99, 12:19 PM

MODIFIED: 13-Dec-99, 7:19 PM

SIZE: 5215

The Admin Interface in /poll_admin:

"Add a Question":


CREATED: 13-Dec-99, 12:19 PM

MODIFIED: 13-Dec-99, 7:20 PM

SIZE: 3891

"Thanks for updating the poll":


CREATED: 13-Dec-99, 12:19 PM

MODIFIED: 13-Dec-99, 7:19 PM

SIZE: 2306



CREATED: 12-Dec-99, 6:41 PM

MODIFIED: 12-Dec-99, 6:41 PM

SIZE: 343


CREATED: 12-Dec-99, 6:43 PM

MODIFIED: 12-Dec-99, 6:43 PM

SIZE: 343


CREATED: 12-Dec-99, 6:40 PM

MODIFIED: 12-Dec-99, 6:40 PM

SIZE: 359

The licence:


CREATED: 13-Dec-99, 7:25 PM

MODIFIED: 13-Dec-99, 7:25

Bob is a Product Manager for Rackspace Hosting in San Antonio, TX. He hasn't built a web site in years, now. All of his articles on this site are old old old! Hopefully they are still useful for someone!

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