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peter van dijck

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I was going through some university sites looking for information for foreign students, and had another one of those internet revelations. (a revelation a day keeps the doctor away, my mom used to say)

Basically, what I needed to do was print out a lot of pages, but not all. I needed to look at lots of pages and print out some. Now, that wasn't too hard (just hit PRINT button), but it would have been nice if each page had had a printable version, with less clutter and only the text.

Then I thought, but that would have been a major drag! For each page I wanted to print out go to the print page, print it, and then head back. There have to be better ways.

I figured for some sites at least, a printing cart would be handy.

Yep, like a shopping cart.

You'd do: add this page to my printing cart, or even, add this article to my printing cart, and then you'd hit PRINT MY CART, and you'd be shown an overview of all the stuff that was in your cart, and you'd hit print, and get on with your life.

Hell, you could even make pre-packaged theme printing cards (print all about foreign students), or add blocks of text, or pictures instead of entire pages to your printing cart. Each page element worthy of printing could have an add this to your printing cart link (or checkbox).

Yes, sometimes I get a bit carried away?

Peter Van Dijck is an Information Architect with an interest in localization, accessibility, content management systems and metadata.
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