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A New Tool For Serious Flashers

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Nigel Randsley

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Grooveware Multimedia know for it's ScreenWeaver product has just released a public beta version of Fast!.

With Fast! Flash developers will experience a new level of ease in Flash ActionScripting.

According to Grooveware's Edwin van Rijkom "The scripting interface as provided by Macromedia is very functional when writing small and simple scripts. However, when your scripts become bigger and more complicated, it is easy to loose the overview when editing; operating the dropdownmenus and property boxes can become time consuming. FAST! will aide you in creating, editing, organizing and exchanging your ActionScripts easier & faster."

Several developers that have already tested Fast! in it's pre public beta versions say it is one of those tools that will help you work faster and better with complicated Flash scripting.

One of the features I liked best is the ability to not only create libraries of Flash scripts but you can even create macros that allow for dynamic script creation.

If your work involves Flash and you tend to do some serious scripting this is one tool you won't want to miss. Give it a try and if you do you might want to test SwiffPEG, also released as a public beta. SwiffPEG is very simple in it's concept, it takes an mp3 file and converts it to a swf file in seconds.

Unfortunately Grooveware doesn't produce Mac versions so you're out of luck if this is your case.

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