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A Few Enhancements

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Theodore Serbinski

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I've come up with a few possible things that could make Evolt even better and provide more use to all of us.

-the ability to easily unsubscribe/subscribe to thelist via a checkbox in the user's registration page

-in the archives page to see a list of the recent postings for the day, categorized by subject/replies and than have the ability to be able to respond online to any of these articles if the user is currently unsubscribed to the list but a member of evolt

-the ability to post to thelist online in the archives it they are currently unsubscribed to the list

I know the last 2 suggestions could be difficult and not too feasible at the momemt. But hopefully some consideration will be give to it and possibly allow this to work in the future. I know the last 2 would help out a lot of us, especially when we need to limit incoming emails but still want to be active on the list.

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