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Ok, this is a shameless plug for our site, but with two purposes - giving away money and offering free advertising/promotion for developers! is an independent site run by a small group of professional developers with the aim of providing high-quality content with low hype. We cover XML, ASP, COM, Java and ATR (All The Rest!) and have articles, FAQ's, discussion groups, a catalogue of jobs, products, training courses etc etc.

During January we have been offering $100 to the best articles contributed to the site. We are willing to extend this deadline if anyone gets their article outline to us by 31st Jan/1st Feb. with a view to getting their article to us in the first two weeks of February. seems to have some talented programmers here so we are sure that there will be some folk who wouldn't say no to $100 for knocking together an ASP article or similar. All details are on the site at

Secondly, everyone knows that site promotion never stops, so we have two free options for anyone with their own site. We give away 10 % of our advertising inventory each month to anyone wishing to advertise their site, services, company, products etc. Details are at This month we have had approx 30k impressions so it's not to be sneezed at.

And lastly, we have set up two webrings aiming to pull the developer community together a little further. The COM webring has had a staggering 1000 visitors in 2 weeks, and the developer webring was only set up this week but had 153 visitors today alone despite only featuring two sites to date! It's free to add your site, it is a proven traffic driving tool, and it takes about 5 minutes to add the code to your site.

Hope this is OK posting this as it would seem to be of benefit to everyone.

All the best

The Team

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