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Php Intro Tutorials For Beginners

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I just put this together. This is an example of open source support . . . By the community in other words. Other people have answered hundreds of my questions so I am trying to pass something along.

There are about 250 - 350 posts per day on the PHP Mail-list and about 150 per day on the MYSQL mail list. As a beginner I was worried that I could not call anyone that was contractually obligated to help me. (paid support)

My biggest hurdle was to comprehend how a software package could be any good if a big company was not backing it with billions of dollars revenue and thousands of employees.

Amazing but true, there are more people world wide willing to give their efforts and share in the pride of development and excellence than any big company can hire.

Look at Apache server. Most widely used in the world, and free. This must cause nightmares to company management trying to compete. How can you? Can't make it cheaper. Can only try to make it better. Can't do that either when the workforce is much larger and adopts a religious attitude instead of a 9 - 5 attitude.

The other "most" amazing thing is the abundance of "free" code from the thousands of other developers. Want to do something. Probably someone else has already done it. Borrow the code and make changes or enhancements and pass it along. Mind Boggling!

One last amazing thing. The manual is available on line to update by the world users. As such it is ne of the most complete you will ever see. If you do not think something is clear, submit a clarification with example in your own words!

This is a collection of URLs for prospective PHP developers exposed to PHP for the first time.

An attempt has been made to order the below listed resources with an increasing level of complexity beginning with the simplest and easiest to understand.

If you have some recommendations after reviewing these regarding changes of order because you found one to be either very easy or very difficult to understand, please let me know at

Elementary Intro and Review of PHP

PHP/MySQL Tutorial Overview by Graeme Merrall

"Beginners guide to PHP and MySQL"

PHP review slideshow by PHP creator "excellent" - NETSCAPE only ??-

PHP Intro review By Adam Trachtenberg and David Sklar

PHP, MySQL, and Images (used car website) by Willim Samplonius

PHP Introduction by W.J.Gilmore

PHP Demos - List of basic examples with code of PHP usage.

So you want to use a database in your site? Jesus Castagnetto

Article about Sizing Up the Development Tools including PHP Usage by Gregory Yerxa at

Intro to PHP by Leon Atkinson Author of "Core PHP"

Intro to PHP and menu generation


Peek at Databases on Websites By Ying Zhang

Existing and expected books about PHP summary below:

1. Php3 : Programming Browser-Based Applications (Mcgraw-Hill Tools Series) -- by Dave Medinets (available now)

2. Core PHP Programming -- by Leon Atkinson (available now)

3. Php3 and Mysql Web Development -- by William Jason Gilmore (due out April 2000)

4. Building Database Applications on the Web Using PHP3 -- by Craig Hilton, Jeff Willis, Bjorn Borud (available now - touted as the one of best)

5. Php3 and Php 4 Functions Essntl -- by Bradshaw (due out January 2000)

6. Sams Teach Yourself PHP4 in 24 Hours -- by Brian Schaffner (due out Dec. 17 ? ? ? ) 7. Professional PHP -- by Castagnetto, Schumann, Scollo, Jesus Castagnetto, Chris Scollo, Sascha Schumann (available) also one of best 8. PHP by Tobias Ratschiller and Till Gerken (New Riders) (not yet pubed)

Listing of available books for PHP at: How to install Linux and PHP for Beginners

PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language that attempts to lower the technical hurdles and make building dynamic pages faster and easier for developers of all skill levels. email archiving to Mysql using PHP with many features Link to news articles about PHP

Last but not least, is the main PHP website.

I also have a complete "PHP RESOURCE LIST" which is a little overwhelming if you get through these and are still interested.

The access keys for this page are: ALT (Control on a Mac) plus: is an all-volunteer resource for web developers made up of a discussion list, a browser archive, and member-submitted articles. This article is the property of its author, please do not redistribute or use elsewhere without checking with the author.