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Changing Times An Update

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Having shot off my mouth, I did some research.

Here's what I've found so far:

  • According to Jakob Nielsen [ed. note: Stuck With Old Browsers Until 2003], Mozilla is unlikely to ever supersede Communicator 4 in terms of market share. Can this prediction be proven wrong? I think it can.
  • Specific and clear documentation on what Mozilla wants from JavaScript to access the DOM is still lacking [ed. note: Get Ready for Navigator 5.0 DHTML]. W3C explicitly calls for something along the lines of 'document.tags.elementType' (my paraphrase), but I at least am still without a clue.
  • There seems to be a lot of worrying about how code written for Mozilla can be made backward-compatible with Communicator 4... which is exactly what I would hope to avoid.
  • My earlier post completely ignored the role of the Web Standards Project (WSP). The omission was deliberate, and in truth I rather suspect that the happiness of the WSP has hardly been on the radar of the folks who coordinate and contribute to the Mozilla build. At the same time, I failed to give credit where it was due.

Another question has to do with the average skill level of the developers out there. If the developers who can write cutting-edge sites take an action such as the one I've proposed, will folks actually notice?

Any follow-up on these points is more than welcome.

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